August 9th, 2017 Notice

Developing a system for inbound tourist data collection project conducted in Shiojiri City, Nagano, featuring Pepper

AGOOP developed a system to be implemented on Pepper, a humanoid robot of SoftBank Robotics Corp., for an inbound tourist data collection project featuring Pepper, which is conducted through the collaboration of SoftBank, Shiojiri City of Nagano, and Shiojiri City Tourist Association. Pepper will be installed as a trial in the tourist bureau of Narai-juku, a tourist spot of Shiojiri City, from Wednesday, August 9.

The purpose of this project is to collect a questionnaire on foreign visitors. One unit of Pepper is installed at the tourist bureau of Narai-juku, a tourist spot of Shiojiri City, and Pepper collects information including the nationality, age, and destination using a tablet, which will be used for the tourism strategy. AGOOP developed a system that enables Pepper to collect information based on a questionnaire, take pictures, and then print a picture on a brochure by connecting to a printer.

This project provides foreign visitors who have answered to the questionnaire with an original tourist brochure (English, Chinese, and Korean) featuring a commemorative picture without charge.
Tourists can also buy (500 yen) commemorate pictures that Pepper took.

Please drop in and see Pepper at the tourist bureau when you visit Narai-Juku!

  • AGOOP uses Pepper for Biz to develop its original application to be mounted on Pepper.
  • This system does not support Japanese because it is designed for foreign visitors.