February 5th, 2018 Press Release

Visualizing the flow of people using maps and graphs Introducing Kompreno

AGOOP Corp. (“AGOOP”), a SoftBank Group company that engages in big data business using location-based information, has scheduled the launch of Kompreno - a service to visualize the flow of people 10 minutes ago at the shortest using maps and graphs. The service will roll out globally from February 5 2018.

Kompreno is a dashboard service that visualizes the flow of people in near real-time.  

The service employs AGOOP’s unique technologies for analyzing location-based information obtained via a dedicated smartphone application. Kompreno allows users to easily view people flow in more than 200 countries and regions, from 10 minutes prior to two weeks before.

The first version visualizes density, dwell time and movement speed. This makes it possible to use the service for analyzing sightseeing spots, urban planning, store planning and other applications.
Kompreno will continue to be updated with new analysis features.


<Kompreno Overview>

1.Main features

- Visualize the density of the people's flow.

A heat map that changes colors for each mesh that shows the density of people.


- Visualize dwell time

Displays the average stay time at certain place into 6 levels (less than 10 minutes to 3 hours or more).


- Visualize movement speeds and directions

Reveals where people are going and at what speeds.


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2.Kompreno fees

From ¥300,000/month 〜  

About Kompreno

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