Big data x AI
= A world of change

Big data x AI

Enriching the world,
today and into the future

Industry pioneer AGOOP merges location information with big data to provide businesses with detailed, comprehensive information.

Our intelligent technology analyzes location data from mobile apps around the world so you can easily visualize and track user activity. This adds a fresh new perspective to your business, allowing you to take advantage of different kinds of information such as floating population data.

  • Location Information x Big Data

    Location Information x Big Data

  • Analysis


  • Visualization


AGOOP solutions can also transform the vast amounts of data generated by the IoT into big data to create a precise view of user habits and preferences. Realizing the hidden potential of IoT big data is fast becoming the key to competiveness in any field — from healthcare, medical/social welfare and disaster/crime prevention to transportation, education and finance.

Additionally, we employ cutting-edge AI to accumulate and analyze data, ensuring constant innovation across a wide range of industries.

AGOOP. Meeting challenges head on with solutions that create new values for a changing world.